We aim to solidify IgY Antibody Technology as a leading source of human and animal health.  We would like to establish non-specific, or natural IgY, as a high-quality, effective ingredient in nutraceuticals and specific IgY antibodies as the standard of care treatments in diseases that affect humans and animals.  To reach our objective, we are looking for partners and investors that share this vision. We welcome qualified private investment, strategic partnerships, and out-licensing opportunities that are consistent with this strategy.


Private Investment 

IGY Life Sciences is always looking for partners with growth capital.  We believe that great investment partners bring more than just money to the table.  We are looking for firms and sophisticated individuals who can add additional value to IGY Life Sciences through their experience, technical knowledge or their networks.  We have been working on plans for our next generation manufacturing plant as well as additional product development plans and have the ability to grow at a faster rate with additional investment.  


We are seeking opportunities to collaborate with leading companies, both international and domestic, in the pharmaceutical, biotech and animal health space with a proven track record in clinical and commercialization excellence.  We have programs where we are looking for partners to help us complete the clinical development of the product and then launch the approved product.  With the right partner, we can combine our manufacturing and early drug development expertise with your clinical and commercial execution capabilities.


Contact Information 

Please submit requests to We look forward to speaking with you.

Strategic Partnership

If you are looking for someone to manufacture your specific IgY product or if you are interested in formulating a product using Muno-IgY, non-specific IgY antibodies, we would love to talk with you.  We have the ability to do both small and large runs of your specific IgY product for either development or commercialization and have the ability to provide Muno-IgY to companies on the schedule that they require for their production schedule.


Contact Information 

Please contact us at  We look forward to helping you reach your IgY antibody manufacturing goals.