IGY Life Sciences & Immune Technology Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company specializing in the
development, manufacturing and licensing of immunoglobulin (IgY), for use in biologic
treatments, nutraceuticals and animal health solutions. The company was formed in 2009 to commercialize a superior proprietary process for the extraction of avian immunoglobulin from chicken egg yolks.  Our mission is to actualize the long promise of IgY Technology. We are currently in development of multiple pre-clinical candidates that address a wide range of therapeutic areas including Anti-Coronavirus Antibodies, African Swine Flu, and Rotavirus. 


Our Executive Team is  focused on realizing the vision of revolutionizing  healthcare through the science of IgY Technologies.

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Board of Directors

We have assembled an experienced team of  board members  with expertise in life sciences focused product development and corporate operational excellence.

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Scientific Advisors

Our  Scientific Advisors provide expert guidance in the fields of health sciences, immunology, disease prevention, sports medicine, food nutrition, and animal health.

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