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Research suggests that the immune system can become severely weakened through overtraining. Athletes know that when training volume and intensity goes beyond their capacity to recover, it may contribute to poor athletic performance and increase the likelihood of illnesses. An optimized immune system helps improve sports performance and reduce the downtime that often comes with intense physical exercise.

Vector450 is a workout recovery solution that helps to improve recovery times and empowers athletes to gain adaptive performance benefits from their body’s own naturally occurring energy. Vector450 contains Muno-IgY, an egg yolk-based IgY protein that has been closely studied and documented for maintaining a strong immune system. Using Vector450 results in improved stamina, shorter exercise recovery times, and faster muscle repair while supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance. Vector450 contains the highest purity of IgY available to consumers today. It is generally 10X purer than other IgY-based products.
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IgY Immune 

It is well-documented that immunocompetence declines with age; that is, as people age, the immune system begins to lose some of its function and cannot respond as quickly or as efficiently to stimuli. Age-related changes in the immune system have been observed at all levels ranging from chemical changes within the cells, to differences in the kinds of proteins found on the cell surface, and even to alterations in entire organs. Studied separately, some of these changes may seem trivial, but when all of the changes are added up, they radically affect the overall health of the individual.

IGY Immune contains Muno-IgY, a 100% natural set of protein IgY antibodies, extracted at a high purity with no residual egg. They begin to work immediately in the digestive system, by attaching themselves to unwanted viral and bacterial pathogens, Muno-IgY antibodies down-regulate excessive immune system workloads in the gut.  By allowing an over-active immune system to function normally, the net result is often greater mental clarity and energy, less joint pain and other issues associated with immune health. Click here to learn more 

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