IgY Antibody Development

As the global leader in IgY Technology, we are actively developing Biologics, Consumer Health, and Animal Health solutions to address a wide range of needs.  Our development process integrates our clinical and operational teams to identify top tier prospects that we believe will have the most impact in the marketplace. We then work through a methodical development process to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and scalability of solutions. 

Unparalleled Manufacturing Capabilities

Unparalleled Manufacturing Capabilities

IGY Life Sciences is one of the only IgY companies that is capable of producing large scale, high purity and environmentally friendly IgY.  With its 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Alberta, Canada which meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is NSF Certified for Sport, IGY Life Sciences is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of both specific and non-specific IgY antibodies.

The MASON™ Manufacturing Process

Our patented and proprietary MASON™ Manufacturing Process makes IGY Life Sciences a leader in the manufacturing of IgY antibodies.  The MASON™ Manufacturing Process allows IGY Life Sciences to manufacture commercial-scale IgY antibodies at an industry-leading purity of up to 99% pure IgY​. This process is environmentally friendly, allowing IGY Life Sciences to produce IgY while being able to return the remaining egg product back to the food industry to be used in a number of consumer food products.

Muno Igy Antibodies - Raw Material Supply

Muno lgy is the raw, natural antibody extracted from hens' eggs using the MASON™ technology to preserve the natural immune enhancer. Muno lgY used on a daily basis supports the innate and the adaptive immune system. It can also be blended with other ingredients to make highly efficacious products. Muno lgY supplies nutraceutical and animal health markets. 

Biologics - Specific IgY Antibody 

​IGY Life Sciences looks to partner with immune health innovators to manufacture their specific IgY Antibodies as a leading Contract Manufacturer.  The MASON™ Manufacturing Process can be applied to the manufacturing of specific IgY antibodies to produce 99% pure specific IgY.  Whether the product is classified as a nutraceutical or a biologic that needs to be approved through the FDA or Health Canada, IGY Life Sciences is the perfect manufacturing partner.

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Licensing Collaboration 

We have a growing portfolio of antibody candidates in both human and animal health at various stages of development. Collaborating with strategic partners, academic institutions and industry leaders will be paramount to delivering on our mission of bringing new medicines to patients. Existing opportunities include our Covid-19 therapeutic and African Swine Fever biologic. If you are interested in learning more about licensing opportunities or are interested in exploring a potential partnership, please contact us at